Our Philosophy

Montjuïc Girona International School (MGIS) is a private school underpinned by the following tenets: a family atmosphere, small-group learning and personalized education.

MGIS stands out for:

  • Offering excellent treatment to its pupils, based on respect, affection and admiration towards them.
  • Helping pupils, through our affection and understanding, to feel valued and important, giving them a vote of confidence even when they feel they have failed.
  • Valuing all their efforts, however great or small.
  • Offering completely personalized treatment. MGIS pupils enjoy continuous personalized treatment from their teacher.
  • Accompanying our pupils. If they lose interest, or their attention or concentration span diminishes, or they are not making enough effort, we quickly discover the reason behind it and act accordingly.
  • To help students through the difficult stages of their development, which is when small-group learning is most relevant.
  • Offering mutual collaboration and help. We ensure that each of our pupils feels useful in class, and they all bring out the best in themselves. This involves creating a collaborative environment in which they can all work together; for example, if one of our pupils is outstanding in maths or languages, he or she can help a classmate who finds the subject more difficult. And this pupil in turn can receive help in another subject. This is an important way to promote both comradeship and self-confidence. 
  • To show by example the attitudes, values and habits that students need to acquire: to be punctual, disciplined in their tasks, honest and coherent.
  • To encourage group work from the earliest stages, making group learning an opportunity for pupils to improve through the support of their classmates, notwithstanding their own individual rate of development, in a warm and supportive environment.
  • To instil them with hope and enthusiasm. A teacher at MGIS is a permanent generator of hope and enthusiasm who ensures that pupils enjoy learning.

Our Mission and Vision


  • MGIS educates its pupils to be able to respond effectively and confidently to the needs of our rapidly changing and competitive world.
  • MGIS is a modern school, open to Europe and the rest of the world. Its values and principles are based on coexistence, and it knows how to listen to and comprehend different points of view.
  • Likewise, the capacity to react and adapt to new situations and needs plays a crucial role in education and personal growth.
  • Our students learn in a solid, pragmatic fashion, and develop long-lasting habits they can apply in their everyday lives. Our programmes foster an active attitude towards learning that will stay with them throughout their lives.


The education of our children contributes to the improvement of our planet, both in terms of knowledge and human relationships.

Teaching Staff


It is impossible to undertake an educational programme without the great dedication and on-going training of the teaching staff. Hence the teachers at MGIS have a well-defined profile. They are:

  • Understanding and empathetic
  • Open to dialogue
  • Friendly and tolerant
  • Respectful and considerate
  • Able to foster pupils’ values and qualities
  • Fair in diverse situations
  • In constant evolution to continuously improve their skill levels
  • Democratic in attitude towards pupils
  • Imaginative, enthusiastic and fun
  • Communicative and approachable
  • Impartial
  • Firm and constant
  • Constantly researching and learning  


Montjuïc Girona International School employs a unique approach to teaching. A private, co-educational, pluralistic and open-minded Catalan school, teaching in Catalan, Spanish, English and French, covering the 0 to 18 age range. Our school is underpinned by a fundamental concept, one that was even controversial in the 1970s: early learning. Today, on the other hand, it is considered a priority by the European Union, UNESCO and the international scientific community.

“Having faith in the possibilities of each child is manifested in a policy of prevention rather than one of rehabilitation. The belief in each child’s potential in is an attitude that is not only possible, but also leads to tangible results, regardless of the country in which programmes based on this principle are applied.”


The two guiding principles underpinning MGIS’s philosophy are education and happiness. In order to achieve these two goals, the spaces, environment, classrooms, games and gardens of MGIS have all been designed and adapted to the circumstances and needs of each age group.

The main objective of our educational programmes is focussed on allowing pupils to develop all the necessary skills for taking an active role in society in a natural, stress-free manner. We work to transform our students into well-rounded individuals who are generous, responsible, competitive, enterprising and balanced, possessing an intelligent, critical, tolerant and open-minded approach to an ever-changing and competitive world.


“It is very difficult to set out in only a few lines, dear parents, how our school was founded and the reason behind it, but I will attempt to do so.

Our school was founded many years ago with the aim of creating something different from the impersonal conception that people had of a school, something that brought together the most advanced educational systems featuring a completely open approach to education. We started with the Montessori method, which brings together a range of attitudes, both human and educational. Later on it was Dr. Rachel Cohen who, thanks to her research and great love for children, encouraged us to further expand our knowledge and established early learning in our centre. Dr. Cohen—and I totally agree with her—argues that educational innovation involves everybody—parents, educators and teachers—breaking with tradition and their resistance to change.

A school should promote values that encourage respect for human rights, a predisposition for dialogue and the co-existence and relationships necessary to build a fairer and more modern country.

I confess that it has not been easy, but having seen it come to fruition I can say that it was worth all the effort and love I put into it.”

María Eugenia Prades


Pedagogue – Instrumentalist

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