This stage covers adolescence and is a transition stage in which major physical, psychological and social changes take place.


Following our international line and taking into account the guidelines of our methodology and assessment, compulsory and complementary subjects (science, art, biology, technology, mathematics, etc.) continue to be taught in the different languages used at our school, with a similar amount of time devoted to each one.

The pupils admitted to the school from other countries who do not speak any of the languages of instruction have support units to help them integrate into the school environment and provide them with the necessary attention, since pupils at this complex time of their lives deserve our involvement on a personal and academic level.

All baccalaureate school students are prepared for the Cambridge and the Lycée Français examinations in order to obtain the corresponding diploma at the end of secondary school, which will qualify them to teach English and French.

Exchanges between students from other countries from the fourth year of secondary school onwards, as well as short breaks during the school year to a European city to study issues related to the course programme, are established traditions in our centre.

The main areas

We work on seven main areas: learning to learn, creating skills and attitudes, independent learning, responsibility, autonomy, forming a sense of civic pride, and acquiring respect and love for mankind. All these areas are complemented by compulsory subjects, and are linked to them in the planning, organizing, developing and teaching of any topic in the compulsory curriculum.

The family-school relationship

The family-school relationship is a basic tool to aid pupils to get through this stage. Listening to their problems, helping them with their difficulties and supporting them is what gives pupils confidence and creates an atmosphere of tranquillity and security.

Social and cognitive skills

At this stage, we also work on social and emotional attitudes, with an emphasis on behavioural and cognitive skills. Gifted or highly gifted students work with an extended programme, though without neglecting their personal, social and emotional development. For anyone interested, we also have the option of taking Chinese language classes for two hours per week.


The Baccalaureate building, the most recent of the three. Built in 2010, it has two floors and includes:


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