At MGIS we know what type of people we want to educate for the twenty-first century. We don’t want individuals who are merely competitive. We aim to educate individuals who, apart from being academically adept, have the following skills:


  • To be well-informed about their environment and the people they interact with.
  • To have a grounding that allows them to understand and interiorize knowledge in the fields of science, maths, language, art and philosophy.
  • To be able to form their own ideas and be capable of evaluating positive and negative aspects of life, the family, love, friendship, society, nature, and so on.
  • To have the ability to think and act, in other words to develop their own criteria, and be able to take the correct decisions.
  • To become individuals who are autonomous and able to take initiatives.
  • To be responsible and strive to do their best, and have the capacity to make an effort.
  • To be sensitive people, interiorizing concepts of loyalty, sincerity, understanding, tolerance, justice and generosity, and putting them into practice in their daily lives.
  • To be ready to react to any professional requirement that may arise.
  • To constantly evolve at the rhythm of today’s society.
  • To know themselves, and their own skills and prospects, as well as their limitations.
  • To be individuals who are able to define their own personal life project.

We strive for excellence in our pupils, so that they are individuals with human qualities, capable of bringing positive contributions to twenty-first century society.

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